Best Selling Books in Ireland

a standing man and woman reading a book in a library

Ireland has a history of literary works from prose, drama to poetry. There are many books and novels in the country which are inspired by individual experiences and work of art.

However, Irish citizens don’t just read, there are some essential elements they consider when reading a good book. We will discuss some of these elements and mention the best-selling books in Ireland.

The Irish love reading a good book

Irish culture transcends many activities like parties, eating good meals such as soda bread, reading casino guides and saying their favorite Irish prayers. However, Ireland has an excellent story narration culture which is oblivious to many. You can read about Dublin by getting a book of Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown trilogy or rugged live Edna’s O’Brien’s Country ladies.

Ireland culture encourages people who love writing to show their prowess by writing. Furthermore, it isn’t just about reading books; the Irish know a good book when they see one.

Moreover, member authors of wrting4all.ie have become best-selling authors nowadays to showcase their literary prowess to the world.

What makes a good read?

Many elements make a good read, especially for Irish citizens. These factors are necessary for a book to be considered worthy.

Excellent opening

A top literary book must take the reader’s breath on the first page. Not everyone has the patience to read a book from the beginning to the end. But when the author captures the reader’s attention on the first page, he will be encouraged to continue reading till the end.

Great characters

Top fictional books usually engage rich characters to make the novel interesting. Great characters entice readers and let them have someone to love, hate, or be inspired by. Like real-life characters, fictional ones have many strengths and flaws which readers can learn from.

An engaging plot

Anytime a reader wants to read any literary work; they want a story they can relate with. Engaging stories aren’t arbitrary; they are well-crafted by creative writers. This plot gives a compelling storyline that keeps the reader’s mind in the book.

Distinct style

Style is significant as it is the voice used to convey an idea. All writers have their different styles on wordy usage and literary devices they are comfortable with. A good read should have a unique style that is recognizable and makes a book easy to read.

Which are the current top 5 best-selling books in Ireland?

There are many good books in Ireland, here are the best five selling books at the moment.

After the Silence by Louis O’Neal

after the silence by Louise O'Neil

This book takes its readers into the Nessa Crowley murder, which has been enshrouded in secrecy for a decade. But things will change when a group of filmmakers digs into the truth. It takes us back to the day of the Kinsella party, where a huge storm cut them off.

By morning, the dead body of Nessa Crowley was found in the garden, her cries dimmed by thunder. The killer wasn’t found; however, many people agreed he remains in the neighborhood. This book by Louis O’Neal displays that secrets eat the minds of those who don’t reveal the truth.

Big Girl, Small Town by Michelle Gallen

big girl small town by Michelle Gallen

This 2020 Irish novel talks about Majella and how happy she has been away from gossips from neighbors in a small town in Ireland. Majella lives a solitary life with her mother who is suffering from alcohol addiction.

Things will change for this quiet girl when her grandmother dies; she realizes there is more to life than being in a small town. The author captivates readers with a good plot and how people’s lifestyles can change easily.

Strange Flowers by Donal Ryan

starnge flowers by Donal Ryan

Donal Ryan is arguable a top Irish writer, and this latest work of his stands out. The book takes us back to 1973, where Moli Gladney went missing in Tipperary’s small town where she was given birth to. When the search yielded no positive effort, her parents began to give up that they may never find her again.

However, she came back to the surprise of her friends and families. Her return brings a change to her family, who now believe that not all prayers are answered. A plot filled with grief, sadness, and the eternal power of love.

As You Were by Elaine Feeney

as you were by Elaine Feeney

Elaine displayed an excellent style with her recent work. The novel talks about a strong, hardworking, and witty young estate developer with a sinister secret. No one is aware, not even her close patients at the clinic and not her family. Only Google and blistering magpie is aware.

However, the secret is eating her up, and she needs to offload her past to move ahead. This fictional work is about a romantic history, government failures, and how strangers can help.

A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ni Ghríofa

a ghost ini the throat by Doireann Ni Ghriofa

A best-selling Irish book that has a unique plot. Doireann’s latest work is about the inner story between two personalities 100 years apart. Around 1700 an Irish lady finds out that her husband was killed, drank his blood, and writes an excellent poem.

Back to the present, a young mother escapes death, and she found the poem. With time, she was obsessed with the poem and how it links with her life.

The Irish people are known for their love of reading. We have explained some factors they consider before reading and the top 5 best-selling Irish books.